108 input USB keyboard interface

108 input USB keyboard interface

Posted on 28. Mar, 2009 by in Sensors

If you need to easily interface many digital inputs with a computer, the Hagstrom Electronics KEUSB108 should be on your list to look at. It features a whopping 108 digital inputs which connect to your computer via a standard USB connection.

The great thing about this is that the USB device does not require any drivers -- it shows-up as a keyboard/mouse. Whenever an input on the KEUSB108 is activated, a keyboard keycode is sent as though you pressed a button on a keyboard. That means that you can assign, for example, input #42 to be the keycode "D" and your program simply needs to look for the letter "D" and then act on it. No complicated USB handshaking or other funny business - if you can read a keyboard in your program, you can interface with this board!

To top it off, you can program each input on the board to not only send a single keycode, but to playback a "macro" of up to 64 keycodes! Using this functionality, you could use a simple text editor as your program on the computer, and tell the KEUSB108 to "type" 'Door Open' when input #42 is activated. You wouldn't even need to write a program -- just read what gets put into the text editor. Of course, you can use the macro functionality for much more once you dig into your project.

Hagstrom originally designed most of their keyboard interfaces for connecting arcade game controls to computers running emulation software, but it doesn't take much thought to extrapolate the usefulness of having 108 inputs avaialble to your computer for data logging, making an alarm system, or any number of other fun projects.

Some features of the Hagstrom KEUSB108 include:

  • Full Speed USB interface with 108 programmable inputs.
  • Generate a response when an input is activated, de-activated or both. Perfect for Toggle Switches!
  • Trackball and Spinner ports generate mouse action.
  • Two programmable rotary encoder switch inputs.
  • Four analog inputs for joystick axis X,Y,Z, and Rx potentiometers.
  • Easy to program using included software.
  • Each input can be programmed to emulate any standard keystroke, joystick button, or mouse button.
  • Create keystroke macro sequences of up to 64 keystrokes.
  • Supplied with a user manual and CD-ROM containing software which is used to configure the KE-USB108

The Hagstrom Electronics KEUSB108 keyboard encoder is about $170 and they also have smaller models with fewer inputs at lower prices.

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