Project: Arduino + Twitter = fresh baked goods

Project: Arduino + Twitter = fresh baked goods

Posted on 11. Apr, 2009 by in Projects

Here's an interesting example of what you can do with interfacing the inexpensive, easy-to-use Arduino open-source microcontroller platform and the hottest social media platform right now.

Everyone loves hot, fresh baked goods. Knowing this, a bakery in the UK went to their marketing firm looking for a way to build traffic to their business. Poke, the marketing firm, came-up with the idea to use Twitter to send tweets whenever the baker has a hot, fresh batch of goodies right out of the oven.

Of course, they could have just dumped a laptop in the bakery and shown the bakers how to use Twitter, but they decided to take it to the next level. By using an inexpensive Arduino with an LCD display, a rotary encoder, button, and wireless interface, they made it easy for the bakers to send the tweets without worrying about dropping flour into a laptop keyboard.

The baker simply rotates the knob on the control box until the correct baked good is displayed, and then when the single button is pressed, the tweet is sent. Simple and elegant! As if that weren't enough, the unit's inventory of available tweets can be updated from a computer (or iPhone as shown in the video) and the Arduino unit will download the new "menu" and make it available.

Pretty slick and a really good idea of how you can meld a real-world interface with Twitter using simple modular electronics! Watch the video below to see the unit in action and witness just how simple the operation is.

BakerTweet from POKE on Vimeo.

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