RGB LED driver

RGB LED driver

Posted on 20. May, 2009 by in Misc Modules, Tutorials

If you've got a project which calls for driving several groups of high-current LEDs (or other similar loads) with pulse-width-modulation, this pre-designed module/kit will make that easy for you. Most PIC or AVR microcontrollers do a great job of handling high current loads, but "high current" is relative to the chip, not what you might think of in the outside world. One of these controllers can easily handle driving a single LED up to 25ma or so, but that won't work for large clusters of high brightness LEDs.

This driver board has three high-current MOSFETs which handle the actual high current to the load devices. This means that each of the three channels can support a load of up to 5 amps without any additional heatsinks! That's a lot of LEDs!

Plus, with the Arduino programming system, or even if you're bit-banging in assembly, it's super-easy to use PWM to control the power of each channel, so you can brighten and dim each of the three channels independantly.

Even if you don't have a need for this today, be sure to take a look at his RGB driver schematics so you can see how to interface MOSFETs to your next project controller and you'll be able to drive motors and all kinds of other devices which require more power than the typical controller can handle.

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  1. Graham

    20. Apr, 2011


    I am looking for a RGB controller that allows each colour to be increased or decreased so by mixing the overall colour. I need it to have at least 8 increments to each colour. I’m looking for a controller that also has a simple morphing effect that cycles through thousands of possible combinations of colours that can be speed up or down and can have the brightness altered. On top of this I would like the control to be via a RF remote !

    I’m been searching and searching and know that its possible and that someone can make it happen and wonder what you think ?



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    • ModuleTronics

      20. Apr, 2011

      Hi Graham,

      This board will do pretty much all of what you want, as long as you’re willing to do a tiny bit of Arduino or other microcontroller work. It handles the PWM of multiple LED channels, with great resolution per each of the 3 channels. You’d just need to create the simple controller to do the actual fading/etc. which would give you unlimited control over things.

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