World’s smallest 68HC11 modules

World’s smallest 68HC11 modules

Posted on 27. Mar, 2009 by in Microcontroller Modules

These miniscule micros feature a powerful microprocessor and supporting circuitry on what the manufacturer claims is the smallest production 68HC11 module in the world.

The MicroStamp11 is the perfect microcontroller module for those who prefer to use the 68HC11 series of processors. As configured on the board, the 'HC operates in external mode which accesses an on-board EEPROM. The modules are available with a range of memory sizes from 8KB up to the "MAX" model with a whopping 32KB of RAM and 32KB of EEPROM. Also on-board is a voltage regulator and other circuitry such as low-voltage reset and several switches for basic input. The modules leave you a nice amount of I/O pins for your projects, although they certainly aren't overflowing with I/O like some other modules, so keep that in mind.

You can program the MicroStamp11's 68HC11D0 using standard tools in languages including BASIC, C/C++ and of course, assembly. Each board is tiny, lightweight, and interfaces with a number of optional modules. Starter kits are available also. The smallest MicroStamp11 8KB starts at about $40 and the MAX with 64KB total is $58.

Features include:

  • Thin board material (0.031-inch) & light weight: only 0.2 oz.
  • Tiny 1-inch x 1.4-inch stamp-sized board
  • Surface-mount chips for low-profile, high-density design
  • Available with 8K or 32K EEPROM
  • EEPROM has hardware Write Protect (software write protect also possible)
  • 192 bytes on-chip RAM (+32K external SRAM on MAX version)
  • All PORT A lines available (pulse accumulator, input captures, output compares)
  • All six PORT D lines available (any mix of: general purpose I/O, SPI, or SCI)
  • All available port lines/interrupts/reset brought out to versatile 20-pin header
  • Convenient switches for RUN/LOAD and WRITE PROTECT (EEPROM)
  • Easy s-record loading via Docking Module, using MicroLoad (Windows program, included with Starter Package)
  • Compatible with BASIC11 Compiler/Simulator/Debugger/Terminal IDE for Windows
  • Modular design, with versatile connector options offers many configuration possibilities

Get more info on the Technological Arts MicroStamp11 microcontroller modules.


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