Solar Harvester by Texas Instruments

Solar Harvester by Texas Instruments

Posted on 26. Mar, 2009 by in Development Kits

Experiment with ultra low power microcontrollers and radio communication networks using TI's new eZ430-RF2500-SEH Solar Energy Harvester.  The development kit includes solar panels as well as the MSP430 ultra-low-power MCU configured so that you can easily adapt the design to join any RF network and communicate without batteries or other power sources.  The included solar panel runs the board in ambient light and the MCU is so efficient that it can transmit at least 400 times in the dark.  You may also use the integrated inputs to collect energy from other "harvesters" such as generators, piezo elements, and more.

What's included in the Solar Harvester kit:

  • Two eZ430-RF2500T wireless target boards
  • One eZ430-RF USB debugging interface
  • One AAA battery pack with expansion board (batteries included)
  • One SEH-01 Solar Energy Harvester Board
  • One MSP430 Development Tool CD containing documentation and development software:
  • eZ430-RF2500-SEH Demo and Source Code
  • eZ430-RF2500-SEH Development Tool User's Guide
  • eZ430-RF2500 Development Tool User's Guide
  • MSP430x2xx Family User's Guide
  • Code Composer Essentials v3.1 Core Edition

The Texas Instruments Solar Energy Harvester development kit is available from Mouser for $150.

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