RobiCon compliant microcontroller board

RobiCon compliant microcontroller board

Posted on 22. Mar, 2011 by in Development Kits, Microcontroller Modules

If you're building a robot or any other project using the RobiCon standardized module format, this miniscule microcontroller board might be a great drop-in brain to run the show!

Somewhat like the Arduino with its standardized board shapes and pinouts, there exists a standard from which defines an open-source standard for interconnecting boards when building robots and other complex systems.

This CircuitMonkey Nymph microcontroller board complies with the RobiCon specifications and gives you a powerful 16MHz ATmega328 controller to write control code for. All of the usual ATmega resources are available, and you can even load the Arduino bootloader if you want to. Or, hit the bare silicon with some assembly language for true speed and ultimate flexibility!

The Nymph microcontroller board features:

  • ATmega328P 16Mhz processor.
  • p to 20 digital I/O lines.
  • 8 Analog input lines (10-bit resolution).
  • Drive up to 6 RC servos or other PWM devices.
  • Capable of communicating via RS232, I2C and SPI.

CircuitMonkey has several choices for the Nymph Microcontroller Board ranging from the bare board to a full developer kit which has all the cables and other goodies you might want. The best part? The boards and kits are pretty inexpensive at $22 to $35!

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